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Every journey begins with a first stumble...I mean, step.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

So here is mine.

Sort of, anyway.

I have been writing since I was in the fifth grade, so this isn't my first opportunity to trip over my shoelaces. Only the first chance to do it so publicly. My language arts teacher, Mrs. Goodfriend (yes, that's her real name, my imagination could never come up with a name so perfect, and she deserves the public shout-out, wherever she is) assigned my class the first vocabulary assignment of the year: to write a story from our words of the week.

Shots fired. Wailing and gnashing of teeth, as only fifth graders can do...

I went home, determined to come back with something, if not great, that would not get me laughed out of the room and have me labelled a bigger nerd than I already was. (By the way, back in the day "nerd" was a four-letter word that could be yelled across the cafeteria with impunity.)

I came back with my offering: a tale of how "Nessie," the Loch Ness Monster, had grown weary of Scotland. She was cold, and longed for balmier climes. So she packed her bag and headed for New Orleans, where the water was tastier (boy, is it ever), the music was catchy, and she made the acquaintance of one little girl named...well, that doesn't matter at the moment.

Not only was my tale accepted, it was the beginning of a saga that stretched for an entire year. I became addicted to the best phrase a writer will ever hear: And THEN what happened?

So what if it was self-insertion wish-fulfillment fiction? It was a start...the beginning of a love affair with writing. The creator of worlds...the ability of being an all powerful, omnipotent...MUAH HA HA...

Oh. Um. I digress.

Now, I am looking at another bend in the road. Or, as I prefer to call it, plot twist!

On November 30, 2021, I will release my first novel for publication on Amazon. (Just seeing that gives me goosebumps.)

That is the link where you can learn more. It is currently listed as a preorder for an ebook format only, but I will have additional information uploaded regarding the paperback edition soon. It should be available at the same time.

I like to think that Mrs. Goodfriend, and Nessie, are proud of me.

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