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Pardon the tumbleweeds that ate the dust bunnies

Yes, there has been a whole lot of not much going on here, because there has not been opportunities for this writer to actually, oh, I don’t know…write…I will not bore anyone with the details. Suffice to say real life has been getting in the way of more important things, like being able to site and commune with my muse. In retaliation, the haughty wench packed her bags and headed off for sunny somewhere, a blue sky holiday and she did not leave a forwarding address…

But I am not too upset with her. (Lie. I am. I need a vacation desperately, but then, who doesn’t?) I have, count them, two entire novels I would like to whip into shape, another one to complete, and a third I have nailed in place in my mind’s eye, if I could just sit and manifest it.

Conundrum: Of these books, one is a stand alone, the other is part of a trilogy. What would you recommend, readers out there in the ether? Should I complete the stand alone first, and then jump into finishing the trilogy? Or should I complete the trilogy? Or should I just go insane all at once and do them concurrently? (A good friend of mine, A. R. Moler, recommended that one. She said “crossing the streams” is a good thing in this case, because it keeps the imagination jumping. I just want to keep from jumping out of my skin…

I have a lot of hope for a productive summer…that Symphony without Strings, London Summer, Autumn across America (this is a working title only) and the novel to be named later, the conclusion of the trilogy, will all come to light before the ball drops in 2022 to usher in 2023…and I have outlines for a fantasy novel, as well as a thriller/suspense novel as well. All I need is the same thing we all need…time. The thriller/suspense novel has been dogging me for years now…it needs to be let out…! Think HALO (high altitude low opening) drops over deserts…high speed chases…truly horrific bad guys, and nothing and no one is who you really think they are… The fantasy novel is what happens when I listen to Celtic music for a little too long, and dare to think about dragons and Ireland and magic… And I am always a sucker for novels written around the holidays.

With a list this long, I guess I need to

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